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We believe you should be where your customers are. Over 50% of all e-commerce takes place on marketplaces nowadays, so you need to be there. We help you to be successful. No matter if you’re new to marketplaces and need a guiding hand or looking for opportunities to grow your existing selling efforts.
We are ChannelMen. Your Marketplace Guides.


Get your marketplace accounts fully managed by our team of experts.

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Get the edge over your competitors in a competitive online marketplace.

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Get technical, operational and strategic marketplace guidance you can work with.

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product launch

Get the head start you need for a successful product listing with a effective product launch strategy.

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listing optimisation

Get your listings optimized according to the requirements of each individual market place.

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brand management

Get the assistance you need to market and protect your brand on the marketplace.

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SEO optimization

Get your listings on top in the right niches. We find the right keywords that get search traffic.

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product sourcing

Get us finding the perfect niche for you and develop and source the perfect product for it.

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The best way
to grow your business in 2021

Connect with more customers and increase sales on Amazon, Bol, Zalando, eBay and 100+ more marketplaces in Europe and around the world.


of global e-commerce revenue goes through marketplaces


revenue growth compared to last year

we know about Amazon

marketplace traders represented 58% of Amazon’s total global sales in 2018, or $160 billion.
Selling on Amazon isn’t easy, but worth it.

Get in the ring on Amazon

Your presence on the largest marketplace in the world isn’t enough. You need to put up a fight. We can help you to get on top of your competitors. Get our expertise on: 

  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS): sponsored products, headline search ads and product display ads

  • Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) and Fulfilment By Merchant (FBM)

  • Brand store development and brand management

  • Cross boarder selling and product sourcing

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we also speak is by far the largest marketplace in The Netherlands with estimated sales of € 3,5 billion.
Selling on Bol is a must do if you want to dominate the Dutch market.

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go dutch on

The Dutch e-commerce market is one of the most matured online markets in the world, dominated by domsestic retailers and marketplaces. stands out being the biggest by far. 


Are Amazon and similar?

The Bol universe is comparable to Amazon, being all but the same though. You can’t copy-paste your Amazon listings into and have a go, it wont work. Get our expertise on the Dutch giant.

Fulfillment by

The Dutch customer is a spoiled one. Since The Netherlands is a small country, customers grew accustomed to delivery speeds unknown to most countries. When opting in for Fulfilment By, you get same day delivery as an option, next day delivery when ordered before 23.59 PM is standard. FBB doesn’t stop there though, also customer service is included. A big advantage if you don’t speak Dutch.

we eBay for you

eBay is too often overlooked in marketplace strategies. That is unjust. We love eBay for its impartiality, because eBay doesn’t sell anything at all. And that’s a big plus for 3rd party sellers.

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Graphic Designer with a focus on interactive design, helping clients communicate and solve problems through creative visual solutions.

get the ball roling on eBay

Ever so often other marketplaces use small retailers in order to identify trends and niche markets and then pushes them out by underselling and undercutting them. Ebay does not, it is not a seller itself, just a platform.

Beyond that, eBay as a marketplace provides an excellent platform for small sellers in many perspectives. Foremost it provides 3rd party sellers with the ability to build brand identity.



we never forget  a Marketplace in your strategy

There are a lot more marketplaces to consider in your Marketplace strategy for Europe. Some well known, others not so much. Some of which are pretty small, but therefore have no fierce competition going on, which in turn benefits margins.

time to go to the marketplace?

Let’s find out if a marketplace strategy fits you. Don’t worry, we will also tell you if it’s not such a great idea in your line of bussiness – which happens more than once.

Or are you allready present on marketplaces but underperforming? Have us analyse your case for free, to see if we can help you to gain the upper hand in your bussiness. Most probably we will. 


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